quarta-feira, 18 de junho de 2008

Bom som


São da Nova Zelândia e afinal não vão ao Sudoeste...Fat Freddy's Drop.

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Vigilant Side-Kick disse...

A onda é boa sim sra, mas o restante cartaz do Sudoeste roça o anedótico... Diz que este verão vou mais a norte, Paredes de Coura será o destino.

Vigilant Side-Kick disse...

Lamento ser eu a dar esta notícia:

"Fat Freddy's Drop August 2008 European tour cancelled

It is with much regret that Fat Freddy's Drop must announce the cancellation of their forthcoming August tour.

The band have said their new album will not be ready in time for it's scheduled November release if they take the time out of the studio to make the long journey to Europe this Summer.

"Sorry" said the members of the Wellington collective after making the difficult call earlier this week. The band did not want to let their fans down and were especially looking forward to returning to the Big Chill and to be playing in Norway and Sweden for the first time and returning to Denmark and Portugal.

Trombonist Hopepa made the following comment, "We want to say sorry for the people who have bought Big Chill or any other tickets in the expectation of seeing Freddy's play this summer."

Fat Freddy's Drop would like to give their deepest apologies to the fans and promoters for any inconvenience caused and hope they will get the opportunity to make it up to everyone very soon.

The following dates have been cancelled or postponed

1 August The Big Chill Festival CANCELLED
3 August Vega, Copenhagen POSTPONED
5 August Sommarscen Festival CANCELLED
8 August Oya Festival CANCELLED
9 August Zambujeira do Mar Sudoeste CANCELLED

We will be announcing the bands album release tour which starts in November next week which will hopefully include a rescheduled date for the Copenhagen Vega show."